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Marielle the Maverick

August 09, 2018

Marielle Franco is forever a shining example of a femmesation.

I pray her life’s path is honoured and blessed in the hereafter; her life was stolen in a targeted drive by shooting on March 14th 2018, shortly after delivering a speech at her discussion titled "Young Black Women Shifting Social Structures"

Marielle Franco was a vibrant being raised in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Marielle deserves awareness and appreciation for her active fight for social and political justice in brazil; The fight was born from her own adversities experienced in the favelas, she fought to alter the experiences of the next generations.

In her lifetime Marielle took a stand to represent and fight for the deprived black and poor woman of the favelas, acting as a voice for the ignored, socially and systematically oppressed, she lead campaigns against the long standing and growing police violence towards black and poor communities in Rio,

From her commitment to the communities through her activism she was elected with more than 46,000 votes to become councillor of the socialism and freedom party.  At 37 years of age the sociologist brought forth two important bills that forced the government to look deeper into black women’s health care, and night shift childcare schemes that would enable single mothers to train and study to help elevate and reach their goals. Marielle Franco was an active feminist force to be reckoned with…. The epitome of a Femmetastic Femmesation.


Her Daughter, Girlfriend and community bitterly mourned her death and have vowed to continue her work of changing the policies and legislations set up against the poor citizens and woman of colour in brazil.

I urge you to find out more on her work and say her name, so others can feel the femmesacious vibes she stapled in the space of time she was on earth.

Pynk Thinking Monáe

April 26, 2018

Ms monáe does not play!  from her break through on the tight rope to hidden figures she has showed us the true definition of a woman, Which is their is no one definition, the industry and many people tried so hard to give her label of quirky, masculine alternative etc. but she did not have it (Jabari tribe voice) coming through with hyper femme videos like yoga and holding it down with her stellar performance in hidden can not box her into any brand as she encompasses all. This message is vital for all the young girls looking up who are trying define or find out how and where they will fit into this confided structural society that has done a muck a job with the current map.

With her latest video 'Pynk' promoting the release of her album dirty computer, I can't put my finger on it but theres just something about the video that you cannot help but feel all warm and fuzzy like the inside of a womb... The video showcases women in all their internal pink glory with re-defying statements to a taste more palatable for the non misogynist branch of our species, it is speculated that the video concept is from her mentor Prince's archives, wether this is the case or not, the video is a true testament of 'the evolution of expression' woman are making this century, which the media is gradually partaking to as well frankly because they don't have a choice.

We are seeing more and more the grips of the old societal structure fall back and all things hidden and suppressed come into their bloom like Monáe yoni pants.

I recognise Ms Monae as a femmetastic femmesation!


Continue to inspire self discovery as we have had the pleasure of watching you do from that first tip on the rope. 

Preserving the culture!

April 05, 2018

This Femmetastic female hails from the heart South East London, coming from the heart of Peckham she has seen and experienced changes of her hometown through the years, it can be argued that the regeneration is a necessary evolution, but, she challenges this narrative through her photography, her images highlight the subsequent loss of the previous tenants of the neighbourhood, with her image captioned "its not easy witnessing social cleansing" clicking through the images you can't help but ponder on the lives of those who once lived there, with the rapid contructions of modern apartments surrounding the old staples in the community you wonder... who gets to enjoy the newly generated south east?... those that made it home?.. or those who can now afford to call it home?. 

I pay homage to this great mind capturing the degradation of regeneration. 


To find out more and explore her photographic archives encapsulating the past,  follow the link below to her Instagram page @mercurytoearth

Living the Culture!

April 05, 2018

I'm fanning hard with this Femmetation, Tony gum is a style maven hailing from South Africa, blackgirlmagic may be trending now but Tony Gum has been blowing the fashion media pages and Internet from way back when Afros where still referred to as nappy (in a derogatory manner) her love for style and creative mixes of Afrocentrism and modern-day brands  are stapled throughout her Instagram feed and blog, redefining brands so much so that they had to pay attention, I mean how can you ignore what is serving you life and looks for fun! thank you Tony Gum For doing you so eloquently and feeding the culture!   

Apreciating the culture!

Yo, this shouldn't be allowed.. its a female only page! but I'm so inspired and in appreciation to this dude, I have no choice... I've broken my own rules before I have even fully realised them. Drake, I pay homage to your appreciation of the Femmetastic females cameoed in your video Nice for what.

First of all, Nice for what speaks to me with almost every line..(must have a female best friend) The feel-good experience is soul soothing, but the video though... the music video! with your heart in the right place its a tearjerker(I teared up when I saw Issa rae's cameo) The cameos feat the respectable (as they appear) Olivia Wilde, Misty Copeland, Issa Rae, Rashida Jones, Jourdan Dunn, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tiffany Haddish, Yara Shadidi, Zoe Saldana, twin models Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta, Leticia Wright, Bria Vinaite, Emma Roberts, Syd the kid and Michelle Rodriguez. all these women in their own right have dripped a bit of their magic on the culture. Issa raes cameo (can you tell I'm obsessed with her) perfectly captures what she has done for black females working and creating in the industry, she has made the stiffs take several seats!! and for Drake to provide a time capsule archiving this makes him Femmetastic!

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