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Dedicated the memoirs, lessons and Artwork inspired by the seasons. it is important to explore narratives  that aim to interpret nature's influence in our lives. documenting My own and others experiences of the seasons to analysis how it shapes our thoughts and our actions.

Sakura Series 

Welcoming Spring Equinox each year with memoirs of the past

Sakura series is about remembering the fruits and wisdom spring has to offer, I call these spring memoirs 'sakura' to honor the Japanese cherry blossoms that bloom so beautifully,

Although cherry blossoms  grow across the northern and eastern hemisphere, there's something rather magical about the Sakura trees of japan don't you think.

 I have always admired the way the national tree off Japan the cherry blossom is featured in the art and film world 

I am grateful for the wisdom I have drawn from my observations throughout the seasons and especially springs blossoms.

Here is what I have cultivated from it.

Freedom to Express

Nothing can stop a bud from its growth, as sure as there's sunshine the bud will blossom and express its genetic code. we must do the same, what ever obstacles we face it is important to face and learn why the challenge has arisen. for me, it was being stagnant with projects and ideas I had developed over time, I came to realise what held me back was psychological reasons such as fear of judgment, fear of responsibility and everybody's favorite good ol procrastination. 

The judgement feared stemmed first from harsh critique I once gave myself, "Who's going to care about that" How can you influence change the world?" and of course ”What if it's just not going to be good enough?" 

I had to silence this oppressive, self-doubting  voice because the answer to any of those questions doesn't really matter, My role is one and the same with the blooming plants of spring “To express what is within me" and "Live in purpose on this earth”. With pure intent and the creators guidance (intuition) there is “No reason for me to get caught up in the opinions of others”, another person's opinion whether helpful or irrelevant, will not fulfill my experience.

Once you plan to do something…do it! No matter the outcome. Growth occurs comes  from an internal spark to action! whether that action yields  favorable results or not.... The experience will serve you spiritually; What real lessons can be learnt if you don't first experience it?. 

Featured in the Tate  Modern for the South social film-festival 2018

Shadow work

A Short Expression Visual with Obongjayar's Still Sun music track to guide the expression. This piece explores the relationship between our emotions and the shadows we cast. Mary uses freeflow movement to navigate through this narrative of shadow exploration.

Mid Summer Dreams 

This Visual Poem is a response to the discourse regarding sunlight exposure and its relationship to  our cognitive function. The current discourse suggest  people prone to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) can be prone to  deep states of depression, aggression, suicide and cognitive deterioration from long periods of reduced light intervals. Studies by Vandewalle G and Balteau E  to mention a few, have found light exposure leads to increased alertness, (2006) having differing effects on memory and other cognitive abilities(2007).

Mid-Summer Dreams shares a message of  choosing to utilise the sunshine hours as best we can with a core message set on utilising these days to build memories for the days when it's not so bright on the outside or within.

visual poem

The Mid Simmer Dreams Creatives featured in order of appearance:


Nicole Holder, Artist - @Colebound

Katie Mclafferty,Writer.

Venessa Okeowo, Filmmaker - @Ness.girl

Music By Jahromm - @Jahjahromm



AUGUST 22.2021


The  First Instalment of the  Self Explorative Short film, Following Mary Yasmine Sesay, A Sierra leonean-British Filmmaker as she navigates through her experiences in changing times, on this journey  questions arise left for her and the audience to figure out together.

Before you watch, Ask yourself, In a world of people doing what they want , Are you doing what you need?.

Photography by Mys Nebula, Featuring Anisay Taha, also featured in the full length short film series.


A MYSTK SZN's Production

DOP - Mary Yasmine Sesay 

Editor- Mary yasmine Sesay

Sound Engineering- Mary Yasmine sesay 

Sound Extract  - Dave Chappelle's 8:46

(no right to the sound extract) 

for more information  or  any questions about 'PPL Do What They Want'  or Info on how you can support please email

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