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Pack up your troubles and travel!

I took some time out to travel last week, For numerous reasons... one reason being I’m always talking about my adventurous nature, but from my walking couldn’t tell, so I did it for the soul, another reason I had wanted a better routine.I felt I wasn’t in the mental space to deal with it appropriately... so I took my physical self to a place my mental could organise and make new space for what I wanted to experience. I traveled to a new city different from what I know, by myself too! this may sound weird to some... but I now understand from reflecting I was experiencing turmoil because I was ignoring the subtle voice within, I was abandoning my intuition, it is easy to become lost when you absorb so many energies around you in daily life, work-wise, family etc.. I made myself lost by allowing this, I would notice ill decisions I was making or not acting on mental decisions i made. I was forgetting how to listen to myself. to rectify this I thought I would do the physical to what I had done to myself spiritually, I physically made myself lost in a new city where I had to trust my intuition and guidance (and google maps at times) to lead me to where I needed to be. I started each day with a prayer of wanting to experience something I never knew I would love, I also prayed for discernment in my interactions with people, And that's what happened I experienced love, excitement, and awe. A renewed trust in myself was established, I feel as if I have strengthened my navigation again, reconnected with my moral compass and put myself in a state where I can make healthy decisions. I also explored my inner working by taking a bit of my passion with me, I took a camera and captured whatever made me stop and stare. My takeaway for all is that stepping back from your problems when it gets to hazey is helpful as we're human and can be standing in your own ways, but what defines the line between solitude and escaping from your problems like a hermit crab, is coming back ready to tackle your issues with a refreshed, honest and organised mind. Another takeaway is “to trust yourself is to know yourself”, if you make decisions you don’t like take the time to observe why and understand what your soul is asking of you! If not, not only will you not trust may end up submitting your will to energies that have nothing to do with you and denying your God-given right to do what is in your best interest and what makes you happy.

Peace and blessings!!

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