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Someone stole my phone.

Wasteman!!!! I coined you guys, but that term is thrown around. I want you to understand exactly what I mean, initially I took the hue out of the man, then I thought, if you take out the spectrum of colours out the man you'll call me a racist or worst a sexist, I thought, no I'll give your arrays back, there's levels to your shit.... then yes. I arrived. I'll just go rouge, I'll leave you to your species and see my self out, because the human condition is the sickness. Your lack of empathy is draining my compassion, I want to still give a shit but you guys and girls .. make it so hard, my legs still sit one pair like yours but I use mine and remember someone walked at least one more mile then me, I'm thinking of the aches in my muscles and think to myself someone's aches further, or worse. The phantom aches of what was once their still burns. I'm sitting here like, so what will I call myself?! I consider my self normal, it's not really hard to put another in your shoes or vise versa, I do it with ease, so what's you lots problem?? I'll leave you to your species. You guys figure out, let me know maybe I'll come back....... until then, I coin my-self Empath-man then like I do. I remember you feel shit too. So I'll sit on Mary muthalovin Yasmine Sesay, figure it out people and then don't call me... no pnone.

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