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Sagittarius SZN is here! a short bio from the web creator, giving a bit of that Sagi make up!

In the spirit of saggi szn especially transitioning through scorpio szn dreams are wild mystical and full of wonder, this is our nature. I speak for myself with this next statement but I hope you resonate. I grew up interested in things most people associate with being  Weird and/or nerdy. With this project I wanted to showcase the influences of the sagittarius and show a healthy representation of our quirks, passions and creativity.

Lets explore and showcase the adventurous nature of saggitarius energy .

What does saggi szn mean to you, what do you find yourself doing/immersing yourself in the most?  I understand we are all individuals but there is a light that we all share where you know the other just gets the vibe, you don't have to explain it's like having your own language!.

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