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Artist Statement

As a first generation West African British Womxn,  Mary's cultural awareness has allowed her to navigate  within society by making a point to raise her voice, sharing the perspective and lens it takes to utilise her adversity into creative projects.

The hybrid culture Mary has embraced  helps her to create real time questions that inspire solutions for social issues occurring within today's society especially those of the african diaspora.

"I focus my film work and social researches on the narratives I feel are yet to be voiced, widening the lens on more aspects of our cultural values and vibrate the essence of the diverse multicultural environment of london." 


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My Creative name is Inspired by the very nature of Nebulae, they are interstellar astronomical clouds which create the perfect conditions to form and bring forth stars and planets, I believe it is part of my purpose (ordained by the highest) to create the perfect conditions that birth and inspire others to reach their highest potentials.


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Definition: a tingling sensation/vibration/frequency  experienced from  the magic of a female moving in power.
This page is dedicated to honouring woman who strive for change and just all round  awesomeness, the page highlights women moving in power and bringing light to our species; past, present and those to watch for the future making magical contributions to society. 

Series page

 showcase special projects that have been inspired by Natures experiences    
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